Strapping Seals Model Name BoxSeal

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$0.98 each unit (200 units per box)


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Strapping Seals

Strapping Seal - Model Name BoxSeal


Tamper Proof Strapping Seals / Box Seals are crucial to protect cargo pallets against thieves that remove the regular straps from the pallets, stealing goods from the pallets or adding non wanted products in the pallet and then replacing it with another metal or poly strap which leaves no evidence


Description:Security seals, bolt seals, cable seals, container seals, truck seals.

  • The Kit includes: 200 strapping seals for 1/2" straps, 200  pull tight cable seals and 200 tamper proof labels
  • 1 hole puncher included for free on first purchase
  • Strapping seals are made of steel
  • Cable seal is pull tight adjustable with 14" in length and a 1.8mm cable diameter
  • Cable seal has a pull strength of 440 lbs.
  • Tamper Proof Labels are 2" x 8" and leave evidence on both, the surface and the label
  • The 3 components come with matching numerations
  • Cable seal and tamper-proof label can be customized with your company name in just days. *Additional charge applies.
  • All components are laser engraved



Packaging:Security seals, bolt seals, cable seals, container seals, truck seals.

  • 1 carton – 200 units
  • Weight 30 lbs / 13.6 kgs
  • Carton size 16" x 18" x 10″ (40.64cm x 45.72cm x 25.4cm)


  • Cargo pallets, crates, totes, etc.

With a growing theft rate in the transportation and logistics sectors, investing in our strapping seals/box seals is a practical way to protect your goods from tampering, theft, unauthorized access and contamination. For more information on how our range of security products can benefit your business, visit our ‘Contact us’ page, call us on 954-438-8229 or email us on [email protected]

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